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And Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina are divided into one group

 And Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina are divided into one group, Iran and Nigeria must compete directly in the first group stage of the score line, otherwise the situation will be very serious. Carlos is good at defending Iran is a frequent visitor to the world cup, but missed the world cup in South Africa, but this is the fourth time they participate in the world cup. Iran coach Carlos praised the asymmetry of the 4231 tactical system. 2002/2003 season, Manchester United with this lineup of Carlos, a successful comeback win in the league. For Carlos's tactical ability, Ferguson very much. Alone in the team, Carlos set a poor offense, rely on star one. In charge of Portugal, Carlos's long ball game was in the array of general Deco questioned.

However, Carlos on the defensive training ability. In the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Portugal 4 games lost only 1 balls. In the World Cup qualifying group stage, the Iran team in 6 games have only conceded 5 goals. In this season's Barclays Premier League team Fullem Dejagah is the core of the team the absolute. 27 year old Dejagah was born in Iran, Tehran, but he was 1 years old when he moved with his family to Germany, at the age of 16 and became a German citizen, on behalf of the German team for all levels of youth team, the team won the 2009 European Cup champion of youth. Berlin Dejagah is the Herta youth product, in 2012 to join fulham. In the Premier League this season, Dejagah played 21 times and scored 5 goals. Since 2012, Dejagah won 11 caps for Iran, scoring 4 goals. Key player Neconan also is the Iran team. Among them, 33 year old Neconan is the captain of the Iran team, on behalf of the national team scored 37 goals 136 times, he is the team the most appearances, scoring. Nigeria attack strong keep weak Nigeria is also involved in the fourth world cup. In 1994 and 1998, the two time they broke into the top 16. The battle, in addition to the same group of Argentina's thriving, Iran, Bosnia and Nigeria have the opportunity of the two teams compete for the qualification, and the opener against Iran team can be said to be the weakest opponent team, Nigeria's goal is to get 3 points. Nigeria's defence is relatively weak is a ring, the defender Yobo to play in Norwich is already 34 years old, his rich experience is a very precious wealth for Nigeria. Monaco defender E Che Gilles against Greece's warm-up match muscle tear, withdraw from the list of 23 people, the Nigeria defence against not small, coach Casey beyond all expectations to the recruitment of the kiss Yi for winger. In this way, the defensive only Yobo and potency in the Celtics' Ambrose two people more experienced. Nigeria in the front has more effect on European strong team offensive player, one of the most major suit than the Chelsea star Mikel. Mikel has been a national team of the heart attack, retreat into the attack and defend him is the precious wealth of the team, the key

factors go far in the world cup, how flexible use of Mikel is also the end Africa eagle. The forward line is almost the strongest link to the Nigeria team, in order to play the team Casey strengths, is expected to adopt the three striker formation during the World Cup period, Moussa and Mose, 埃梅尼克 may constitute the main trident. The Australian color for the event open Nigeria let flat half water dish the mouth, some cheap, easy to cause the heat situation, people must guard against the possibility of a shock Iran.