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Porto Alegre sky floating a beautiful white clouds, the spotlight Riverside Stadium will sweat of Benzema mapping was crystal clear

 Porto Alegre sky floating a beautiful white clouds, the spotlight Riverside Stadium will sweat of Benzema mapping was crystal clear, blue sky, green land, gallic rooster, a high Ming broke the Honduras fans silence, this day, the French team repeated the scene 16 years ago, on a cycle of history. This is a fully and delightfully victory, not only in 3:0 big score, the score is of special significance for the French team, 16 years ago, the World Cup France in high-profile start home was, in the 3:0 win against South Africa, remove the beautiful night, the World Cup final, France is the score of 3:0 to beat the Brazil team, under the Eiffel Tower took the first World Cup, 3:0 began with the end of 3:0, the French team has a fantastic summer in 1998, to give the fans left a

timeless classic memory. This session of the opening, it is a 3:0, this will be another very good? Before 1998, the French football has just experienced a historical trough. In twentieth Century 80, the talented playmaker Platini has led the team to two times into the world's top four, unexpectedly in 1990 and 1994 two times in a row, the team failed to qualify for the world cup, it caused an uproar. The French team although a galaxy of talents, but also experiencing temporary pains, in 1998 although home court battle, but the team has not to be optimistic. However, it is in a group of young people under the leadership of the French team, completed a stunning historical leap, the peak from the bottom dashed, historical vertex reached many distinguished predecessors failed to reach the. The French World Cup, the achievements of the 21 year old Henry, Trezeguet of 21 years old, and Zidane 26 years old. Zidane's ten years in 2006 after the world cup in Germany gorgeous curtain call, the French team once again fall into the low tide, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Training farce let France lose face in front of the whole world, group stage and go home early and make the national team both at home and abroad are reduced to a laughing stock. Until today, the unpleasant phase and is often the media asked, become eternal stain the French team history. The 2014 World Cup France forward in shambles, qualifying match against the big reversal Ukraine team 3:2 lets the human be struck with fright, seventeenth in the world ranking is not visible, in the World Cup before France as low-key, after the injury to Ribery, almost no one think this team just rebuilt team can win the championship.

However, 3:0 victory let all this rekindled the hope. The history of reincarnation is strikingly similar, this year 21 years old, Pogba is 23 years old, Griezmann, Benzema is 26 years old. 16 years ago, from the bottom out of the French team to win the world cup; 32 years ago, out of the bottom of the French team into the world cup semi-finals. Between the ups and downs, wave after wave of French star in this way left his footprints. Similar to the past, the unknown future, standing at the crossroads of history, the French team has taken a solid first step, and the peak road, has just begun.

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