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News description

The World Cup group stage in group C match against Japan in the battle of Recife Pernambuco stadium

 The World Cup group stage in group C match against Japan in the battle of Recife Pernambuco stadium, blue became the main theme of this game, in the tens of thousands of Japanese fans under siege, two face the Diaoyu Islands is our China fans particularly eye-catching. Hu Chengsi and Cheng Guiming are a couple, from China Tianjin, to accompany her to Brazil to see the ball, do financial work Cheng Guiming has asked for 20 days' holiday. From St Paul to Recife, Rio, Manaus … … they brought friends admired the way forward. Chose Japan to Ivory Coast this match, other number tickets tension is on the one hand, another point, they feel that

the Japanese team but also Asian teams. But they can not support the Japanese team, his face painted China flag to explain their loyalty to the motherland, but on the other side of the cheek, the boy's face is the Diaoyu Islands; her face is our, together is the Diaoyu Islands is our is some hit a son taste. When it comes to football knowledge, the first half of Hu  really expert, he is the athlete, with Tianjin Taida He Yang as a team mate, with Olympic champion Tong Wen also from the same sports schools. He first practiced for track and field, later changed to play football. The final because of loss of confidence Chinese football system and give up football road of

professional athletes. Although there is no longer a football player, but Hu  love for football did not reduce, not only often play football together with friends, this time is specially came to Brazil from china. Childhood sweetheart's girlfriend Cheng Guiming for his hobby of absolute support, not only leave to accompany him to travel, is the whole plan, make this trip to the world cup that is happy to play another game addiction football. Come to Brazil to spend a lot of money? This is almost all fans of common problems. That's okay, I figured, to the time was flying, even the tickets, hotel, meals and so on are up, two of us altogether is spent less than 70000. From Tianjin to Beijing, then to Washington, the Rio, financial origin Cheng Guiming be very careful in reckoning, for a lot of cost for both of them. This game, in the face of writing on the Diaoyu Islands is our two people in the chat inadvertently mentioned, then put it into action, although due to inadequate, face painting is not so beautiful, but can also express their a patriotic heart. Brazil is really a football kingdom. On the beach of Brazil with the children playing beach soccer, let Haddicted, even if the sunburn skin, still enough. After the Recife game, they also plan to Manaus exploring the Amazon, have a look back to Rio was also able to buy tickets, and then take a look at the game, and then from the way of New York home, Brazil end of the trip. I supported Brazil. Cheng Guiming stood firm, the German team I support. Hu Chengsi did not change his mind, does not support the team with different effects of two people's feelings, because many of the things they have the same point of view, for example: the Diaoyu Islands is our.