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Croatia will send Africa lion on the Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Bangjie Croatia

 Croatia will send Africa lion on the Xinhua News Agency reporter Ma Bangjie Croatia and Cameroon two first round defeat in the division will be 18 staged battle of life and death. Been worried about the bonus of the Cameroon team morale and lax, uninterested, plus 33 year old Eto'O missing in the war, so they are likely to encounter the Brazil world cup two game losing streak, go ahead. Croatia team has been felt they were Japanese referee's in the first with the team in Brazil. They didn't let Brazil team occupies too much cheaper in the more than 70 minutes, but the referee a controversial penalty changed the game process. The Croatia team

consciousness was depressed, so will be filled with anger at the next opponent Cameroon body. Their coach Kovac after the defeat in the Brazil team will take the oath: Cameroon. The core of Croatia Modri the foot department is injured in with the team in Brazil, but after the medical examination found that just hit, there is no sign of bone or ligament tear, it is a false alarm. Therefore, he is likely to match with Cameroon in his play. Even if he does not recover in time, Rakiti and Kovacic's talent is enough to ensure the smooth operation of the Croatia midfielder. In addition, Croatia heavy artillery  will appear in front of. He missed with the Brazil team's opener for technical suspension, it will suppress the enough strength to find the break pleasure here in

Cameroon. The 2006 World Cup in Germany, Cameroon didn't get into the finals. The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, with half a home court advantage for the Cameroon team group stage three games are all negative, withdraw troops in a hurry. By now, enrofloxacin, mbia and Alexander · Song midfield was Cameroon's strengths. But in the game with the team in Mexico, they malfunction, can not keep up the rhythm of the opposition. In the face of the Croatia midfield combination, Cameroon midfielder is expected to remain silent. Cameroon in the array maximum card star Eto'O has confirmed injured and can't participate in the battle of life and death. This will not only greatly weakened the Cameroon attack damage, and will affect the team's morale. House leakage slants meet rain. The Cameroon team is not the world cup six game losing streak of bad luck.

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