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Messi before the race against Bosnia Herzegovina

  Messi before the race against Bosnia Herzegovina, an accompanying player of the kids in the waiting hall stood in the side, see Messi with a flag walking slowly, little friend ahead stretched out his right hand to shake hands with Messi. However, Messi did not notice, but went straight to the judge, and judges the one one handshake. Messi turned, the child had disappeared. The first half of the game Argentina played very laborious, defensive attack stumble along, also has not open the situation. Especially Messi, he was simply marking, several dribbles quickly blocked, and the ball can easily be stopped. Although by virtue of Bosnia and

Herzegovina og Argentina led 1-0 at halftime, but the half-time, returned to the locker room, Messi still when you are not fair, as if returned to four years ago, South africa. As Messi sat in the dressing room on the bench behind him Hung Up, luggage inside the mobile phone rang, Messi on the phone: C Luo: meximexi... Messi: what? I'm sorry you have the wrong, I don't know japanese. Messi was angry to hang up the phone, there came his familiar voice: Xi Xi is me, your dear C rom.! Messi: Oh, is fresh daily C ah, how do you say this accent? C: no way, this a few days in Brazil with the local Japanese nationals mixed too long, they call you call your name, was called ‘ to the hens. Give &rsquo hen; Messi: you what phone call, I was getting ready to return to the site to continue the game! C: you know why I call you? Before the game, you in the waiting hall Is it right? Seen dressed in a Brazil shirt kids stood around the want to shake hands with you? Messi: No, I didn't notice, he may be too short and I didn't see the... C: what? You open what fun, he this year 6 years old, height has reached you human central. Do you know who he is? He is my nephew! You don't shake hands with him, looked down on me? My nephew is very angry, let me find you theory. I gave you 45 minutes on the phone but there was no answer...

Messi: I just play the game, who knows he is your nephew, you which emitted a nephew? Before we warned you, leave Manchester United must go and cut off Giggs, you listen, net with him not to learn, is now in trouble! C Luo: no time to your bullshit. You say you're playing now, world cup broken? Messi: what tear? Me and not at the world cup was not into the ball. C Luo: you scored? No, I heard that you had lost in the world cup! Messi: which grandson?! C Luo said: see... Messi: see? He had just broken up! Tell you, me at the last World Cup scored over Serbia and Montenegro door. C Luo: Serbia? Plug who is black? Relying on coal, the king didn't think you so hardcore ah, we are more like, I took the Golden Globe Awards, you follow to take, I took my son flirt with hot chicks, you just like me. Tell you since I met Elena, I'm not hardcore. You don't know Elena do in high spirits, unlike my former girlfriend, always said I was not good in bed. You should try to find a reliable one little girl friend, wave son big ass round much good, don't always bubble up late self-study students younger sister, boring... Messi: you don't pull, Montenegro is a country! A book in the slums, since you haven't read, unlike our La Masia, nine years of compulsory education from a small rise