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The World Cup group stage G group have a focus of the war,

 The World Cup group stage G group have a focus of the war, Germany against Portugal, the first half  opened two degrees, Hummel J header, Pepe was sent off. Both sides in recent 17 meetings, Germany 9 wins 5 flat 3 negative prevail. The two sides last met in 2006 Germany World Cup World Cup 3, 4 finals, when Germany beat Portugal 3-1. Germany last in the competition in defeat to Portugal is 14 years ago, at that time, in the 2000 European Cup, Portugal beat Germany 3-0. First, Germany is discharged without front formation, Muller in the top

most front, Hedi La, Rahm as the double waist, Schweinsteiger did not start. The Portuguese side, C Luo starter. The beginning of the game, the German offensive, Muller header very threatening, fortunately, Patricio reaction quickly put the ball out. Fourth minutes, the Portuguese hit back, C Luo xiechuan Amelda kissing arrived, but his shot from the perspective of being too Puzhu Neuer. Seventh minutes, Patricio directly passed the ball to the Sami Khedira, who in the restricted area outside the gate ball dapian. Tenth minutes, Parreira in the restricted area down the grid plan, the referee penalty, Muller kicked the ball into the bottom left-hand corner, 1-0. Twenty-fifth minutes, Nani ball inside after the front right, suddenly the right foot shot, the ball

slightly higher than the beam. Twenty-seventh minutes, Almeida was replaced by a hamstring strain eder. Thirty-second minutes, the German again into a ball. She starts out the corner kick, Hummel J forcing Pepe header, 2-0. Thirty-seventh minutes, the Portuguese suffered another blow. Muller chase Pepe from behind, just hit Muller in the face, Muller fell to the ground, the head of Pepe Muller after the provocation, the referee will direct red card penalty under. Forty-seventh minutes, the German re-entry ball, Muller pushes shoots forces a door open to complete the plum to open two degrees, the German 3-0 portugal. Both sides played personnel Germany (4-2-3-1): Neuer; Hummel J, Hoewedes Boateng, per Mertesacker, / Rahm, Mesut Ozil, Cross, Sami Khedira / grid plan / Muller. Portugal (4-3-3): Patricio; Joao, Parreira, Nuno - Alves, Pepe, Fabio Coentrao / Veloso, Motinho / Nani, Meireles, Hugo Almeida (27’ Eder), C (AI)