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Switzerland to Ecuador, to the other side of the earth China fans,

 Switzerland to Ecuador, to the other side of the earth China fans, in addition to two teams and fans, fewer in number at the guard in front of the TV than in the first two days should fans. One is the two teams are not traditional teams, can make use of the match time charge for two days before consumption is not small body filling; two is through the Western Dutch, English two wars weekends, the kickoff time has arrived Monday Beijing time zero, even if the game does not fall real fans, also had to consider a few hours later to get up early and go to work this cruel fact. The game clock walked 90 minutes routine, each using the placement shot to break the opponent's goal, single game, up to this point, miss the match of the loss is not large. Eyes stared at the first

draw the world cup will be born, a somewhat mediocre films but in its eggs to show the most wonderful picture. The countdown stage in the game into injury time, Ecuador ushered in an excellent opportunity to lock the victory, the team's top star Antonio · Valencia right passes on, while the team a little think life, will be back against the Swiss player Behrami intercepted go. Almost in stoppage time is late, escaped the Swiss team then the first thing to do what? Is a cigarette to calm down, or control the ball, and steadily over the last ten seconds, or simply use the opponent's foul tactics and fell to the ground, the end of the game by lying on the

grass? Either way, look no ground for blame, but the Swiss team did not select any one of them, but the site launched a counterattack, people in Ecuador still miss the 3 points and regret, they found themselves even 1 minutes are not, substitute striker Sefi Boris this time has received from team mate in Qiangdian break, if Behrami violated choose to fall, at this point I am afraid just climb up. From being shot to win the match, you can admire the Swiss until the last not to give up the spirit, can also lament their lore as clockwork precision, but the people of Ecuador deserve respect. When entering stoppage time game, still in pursuit of winning team is not only the Swiss team. For a super strong team, a draw this is acceptable, but the team in the World Cup winning Yu Yuanfei game than ordinary. The football field, and which is not worth seeing?

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