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Argentina team of 2 ∶ 1 victory over Bosnia Herzegovina has made the world cup opening game

 Argentina team of 2 1 victory over Bosnia Herzegovina has made the world cup opening game victory, also let the continuous "daily sports newspaper" Brazil World Cup: Messi found his Phoenix sports news, World Cup group F first round match in the Maracana stadium, Argentina eventually beat Bosnia Herzegovina 2-1, Messi after 8 years into the person in the World Cup

second ball. After the game, Spain, the UK, Germany and other country media have concerns the performance of Messi, the Spanish media that Messi performed magic moments and goals, and the British media that Messi scored his team Argentina. Spain "sports world" evaluation of the road, Messi led a wonder goal with the help of Gonzalo Higuain, for Messi, staged such magic moments in such high-profile stage, Messi once again proved himself. Another Spanish media "daily sports newspaper" said, in the Maracana, Messi made a great goal, the game Argentines

are very active, he guided the team attack and goal, Messi after scoring very angry, because he finally found himself, a real Messi. The British media "Reuters" reported, Messi scored the suspense, also gave the first defeat in the world cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina, passing in the world cup, Messi played tepid, but in Brazil, Messi to help Argentina win the outbreak, after Messi's goal, many Argentina supporters were convinced Messi to lead Argentina success.

Argentina media "ole newspaper" said Messi goal was shocking, the course of the game to let everyone by surprise, Messi's second goals to ensure the team got three points. Messi's performance is quite good, he unloaded a heavy pressure on the national team. Of course, there is the British media that Messi played very well, but they conceal Argentina mediocre, Messi created a rival oolong, he also scored a goal, but Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain's play is unsatisfactory, Argentina has a good attack strength, but they played mediocre. Zhou Kai.