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Although in the first World Cup match have to face is that Messi has a team of Argentina, but the

 Although in the first World Cup match have to face is that Messi has a team of Argentina, but the Bosnian team still won't change their style of attack. Bosnia and Herzegovina coach Sui said, they will not alone guarding Messi. Offensive tactics in the Su Shiki, Bosnia and Herzegovina team in qualifying into 30 ball lost 6 goals, the first qualification for the world cup finals. Obviously, they are not going to change their style in the world cup. Sui stressed the need to adhere to the offensive strategy, even in the face of the Four Golden Globes Messi led Argentina team, he on the tactical adjustment is very limited. Sui said: "this for me some dilemma, but I think it unwise to

sacrifice a player to mark Messi. We have never been in any game for one player in particular mark, Argentina would not be so. If so, Bosnia will be in the opening group F match with Argentina team played the open game, it will be a very exciting game. The Argentina team has the strongest in the history of the offensive line, Messi, Aguero, Ravitch, Rodriguez, Gonzalo Higuain and other players the club last season scoring total more than 100. Argentina coach Saveri Leah would make Ravitch or Gonzalo Higuain and Messi, Aguero three people attack system, at the same time by Di Maria from the centre to provide more support. But there is also a chance to

Bosnia and Herzegovina, ybiaevic and in the Dzeko team also has a very strong impact force. Argentina defender Fernandes believes Dzeko is a very broad vision of the players, he said: we have to cling to him, but beware of possible breakthrough from flank                                                      More Cheap Coins:  http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/fifa/ps3/