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News description

Neuer Gonzalo Higuain was crowned the first goalkeeper flying knee over the Gold Glove Award

  This session of World Cup Neuer completed a total of 24 saves, has thrown 4 balls. The other two candidates Gold Glove Award: Costa Rica goalkeeper Navas completed 21 saves, lost 2 balls, Argentina goalkeeper Romero completed 21 saves, has thrown 4 balls. For each team, 3 door gods are 1 people to the top half team roles, but Neuer is one of the most comprehensive one, the world cup can be said to have made Neuer the first goalkeeper in the world today.

One important characteristic of Neuer is on the court is a large scope of activities, the 1/8 finals to the Algeria can be said to be in addition to the maximum for the German team finals outside test. Neuer of the game 6 out of the box outside the box out, should the teammate to pass a ball is more common, can be said to be the greatest hero of German team won, the media have said that Neuer was following Beckenbauer's best player of the scavenger.

In the game Neuer has always loved show footwork, the other striker played a run round in circles, but the presence of Neuer also has a rigid. Good goalkeeper needs a domineering and forward deterrent force on the court, in the final fifty-seventh minutes, Neuer in a hit high into a fist to hit the ball, and Gonzalo Higuain was hit together, reminiscent of the famous German history of the team goalkeeper Schumacher and Kahn the lion. For the 28 year old Neuer is now in the golden period of occupation career goalkeeper, Neuer believe that the future will be more powerful.   More News http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/