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News description

The German team base is blessed for players with the chef to do Food

 Local time yesterday night, with a host of victory, the German team rushed back to his world cup camp Seguro, they will prepare for the final run-up here. Seguro is not a World Cup match in Brazil city. However, in addition to the extraterrestrial Germany, where you can also find a lot about the world cup and the elements.Away from the hustle and bustle of the town is simple and friendly

I heard, at that time the German football association to the German team to find a relatively perfect pre-season training places, visited the famous city of St Paul, Rio de Janeiro and Salvatore three Brazil. However, the big city are relatively noisy, also relatively is not very safe. So, the German Football Association will eventually team camp in the called Seguro Town, here the distance also has beautiful scenery of Salvatore only 600 kilometers, in the vast expanse of Brazil is not far away, and the two city belong to the state of bahia.

In the far away from the noisy Seguro, because the world cup was a little excitement, street decoration also more classic Brazil flag in the Yellow green. However, That's it. Here scenery the best way is the coastal road, is two lane road, in fact, only two. The busiest road is located in the city center, said is the center of the city, with shops and restaurants also just some more.

However, traffic signs here are very simple, distribution is not concentrated, and the city has no traffic lights, all vehicles can be ignored the speed. At the same time, the town of pedestrians and drivers are so friendly, encountered pedestrians crossing the road situation, both sides are mutual comity, then a thumbs up thanks.

Food paradise Germany with Chef

Want from Seguro downtown to the surrounding islands, must take the ferry, which looks a little old ferry is essential in the life of local transportation. In the vicinity of the port, is a free market to sell seafood, fishermen fish, daily salvage shrimp and other seafood.

In the view of visitors, Luo Hong Kong people very delicious Segou, because they can eat them every day fresh ingredients. However, Seguro although have a natural good ingredients, but will these ingredients cooked into a table of delicacies restaurants but not much. Always here to pitch camp in Germany, have brought their own chef, most of the time the team members must be at the station unified meal.

Enjoy the World Cup soccer complex unique way

Walking in the street, I inadvertently found such a wall. The walls painted with the world cup and graffiti works, from the beginning of the 1966 England World Cup, has been to the world cup in Brazil. The reason for choosing such a time, I think it is because of the 1966 England World Cup for the first time the official World Cup mascot, that is a will play the lion, named Wiley. The cartoon image as a new measure to promote the world cup, become a milepost future world cup mascot design.

Brazil's love of football I had seen before, did not think of is, even in such a not easily found Town, people also use their own way to enjoy the world cup. See me with a camera to take pictures of these graffiti, several Brazil juvenile around here before, I think a few oriental faces, so the man in the street to see I will feel very fresh.One can say a little broken English Brazil girl told me, everyone here likes football, Seguro no World Cup game, but they will be at home to watch TV broadcast, "Brasil, Brasil......" Then, the girl friends shouting "Brazil", expressing their love for the country    More cheap Fifa 14 Coins site :http://www.buyfut14coins.com/fifa/buy_pc/