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News description

American 12:8 wins Europe Argentina tell you who it is.

 The World Cup final against Brazil, team Europe Germany against America's Argentina, a good battle is the world cup in Europe and america. This is the fans under the inventory of the World Cup European team battle achievement. Group stage, 14 in Europe and the United States versus only 2 games draw, respectively is Costa Rica 0-0 England and America 2-2 portugal. The remaining 12 games, Europe and the United States against 4-8, America win. In the knockout, Europe and the United States temporarily 4-4 draw with the German 7-1, Brazil is the most classic. The European and American direct score was 8-12.

Group stage: Europe and the United States 14 times against Europe's 4 wins 2 flat 8 negative

The world cup is the collision of passion since European soccer and American football, so is the world cup in Brazil. But because Brazil does not adapt to the local climate, as well as the away game combat European regiment in the world cup opening stage did not play out in the group stage, 14 European showdown, the American team won 8 games, Europe only obtained 4 win 2 draw, otherwise.

In Costa Rica and Uruguay in England and Italy who have achieved 3 wins 1 flat, is undoubtedly the best epitome of Europe and the United States against the group stage. It is worth mentioning that, the European team in the 4 victory in the group stage, the French and the Swiss defeated Honduras strength weak, not very persuasive.

Knockout: Europe and the United States 4-4 draw with Germany's gas

Compared with the group stage on the European team though, into the knockout European state of the team overall pick, Holland beat Mexico and the dark horse of Costa Rica, and Belgium and Germany respectively over the American and host Brazil, European teams get the face. The American team in the tournament on the score of 4-4, one of Brazil's 1-7 defeat German race is the most classic. While the three or four semi-finals and finals also happens to be the European team against American teams, Holland and Brazil for third place, and Germany, two teams will be the final champion duel to the death.

Brazil World Cup Europe against review:

Group stage: Europe 4 wins 2 flat 8 negative

The 1 Brazil 3-1 Croatia

The 2 Croatia 1-3 Mexico

The 3 Spanish 0-2 Chile

The 4 Holland 2-0 Chile

5 Columbia 3-0 Greece

The 6 Uruguay 2-1 England

The 7 Italy 0-1 Costa Rica

The 8 Italy 0-1 Uruguay

9 Costa Rica 0-0 England

10 Honduras 0-3 France

The 11 Honduras 0-3 Switzerland

12 Argentina 2-1 Bosnia Herzegovina

13 America 2-2 Portugal

14 USA 0-1 Germany

The knockout stages: America 4-4 Europe deba war most classic

The 15 Holland 2-1 Mexico

16 Costa Rica 1-1 (5-3) in Greece

The 17 Argentina 1-0 Switzerland

The 18 Belgian 2-1 USA

The 19 Holland 0-0 (4-3) in Costa Rica

The 20 Argentina 1-0 Belgium

The 21 Brazil 1-7 Germany

The 22 Holland 0-0 Argentina (2-4)