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News description

The World Cup news: 12 year cycle "German chariot" perfect revenge

 A fully and delightfully victory, "the German tanks" crush Brazil football pride with overwhelming 7:1 in this football holy ground, tonight belongs to germany.The "Legion Samba", this is a no less than "defeat Mara Khanna hit". The "German chariot", this is a perfect can't perfect revenge.12 years ago, the World Cup final, the Brazil team with a 2:0 shirt embroidered with fifth stars.12 years later, a new generation of Germany reported that on the opponent's home for a more stimulating way. The lack of Barack the German team like today without Neymar, Brazil team. The same is the backbone, missing let the team lost the operation axis, but the difference is, the German team lost only two balls, and today's Brazil team beginning in half an hour had lost 5.12 years ago, South Korea and Japan World Cup, Ronaldo with 8 goals away "boot", scored 5 goals, Keluoze only a green hand in "aliens" shining shadow "will only take a striker" label. It was his third world cup, the first World Cup and Keluoze.

12 years later, as the first team striker Keluoze with more than 10 years like a day of sharp and hard successfully blasted Brazil team door, with 16 goals beyond Ronaldo, become the most scoring player in World Cup history. This is the Belo Horizonte as commentary by Ronaldo, helpless eyes staring at this piece of Brazil national, even the whole world looking stadium.12 years ago, South Korea and Japan World Cup, Brazil's Ronaldo snatched the "Golden boot from Germany's Keluoze".12 years later, the German team a new generation of attack arrow Muller has 5 goals to overwhelm Brazil new Neymar, to "boot" and ran.12 years of vicissitudes, intensity change, when the German team play footwork embroidery needle like and gorgeous in "Legion Samba" before, has always been to technology are growing at the Brazil team can only sigh time flies, so no longer.

Poor score there can be many ways to interpret. First, this is a whole football star soccer victory, no one can deny the fact that Brazil star talent and advantage in personal technology, even if little Neymar and Silva, it is still one of the world's top teams, but in the face of the overall advancement of the German team, the Brazil team is still an ulcer qianli. Secondly, from the psychological perspective, the Brazil team is still not able to overcome the psychological barrier home again, unprecedented in the history of the 1:7 after the "Maracana blow" to create, failed to complete the champions at home long cherished wish, and the German team in 40 years ago in the home at the world cup. In addition, various problems play, staffing, the team's Brazil team will be in the game after a magnified.In short, the German team played a more than 12 years ago, the Brazil team was tough many games, compared to 12 years ago, strength and the German team, Brazil team not only lose, but also by the opponent's shame.

However, for the Brazil team, the world cup every 4 years, "revenge" the opportunity is not back. Historical data also seems to support this point, 1954 West team that won the world cup champion Brazil team won the championship in 1990, 1958, the German team that won the world cup champion, the Brazil team won the 1994 title.Maybe 4 years later, the Brazil tecan accomplish more beautiful                                                                                                                                                        More News http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/