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News description

Tease Mei Tucao: Brazil fans digging the submerged Robben fell because of the Football Association

German media column of German will enter the final 7 reasons

The German team has four consecutive times into the World Cup semi-finals, this result and no one; the German team is a team! The unity for the German team; the German coach can adjust to changing circumstances; the German coach continuity is highest; the German team won the lowest odds on to win; the German confidence!"Bailey said about Germany and spain......" [seemingly language hee sister also optimistic about the German eh ~]

"The seven reason, can summon a Dragon Lord"

"Second is what reason? Holland Brazil Argentina is the fire brigade or the traffic police team?"

"I think we should add a, the German team is handsome!!" [not only handsome, also two...... ]

"Germany is not in the final third reason: continuous......"

"Germany coach continuous maximum...? Tube P, Erickson spent six years, England is still the European Chinese team does not..." [England move sheire who... Continue to lay the gun]

"Booger quality decided the gold team..." [it is won... ]

"Eighth, spend pear has come home..." [1~2~3~ sing: I destroy days, I killed, a road kill blood all over the floor, until it meets the Italy]

"Germany is not semi final expert..."

"1, Italy is playing a whole. 2, Italy has a very good defensive tactics, 3, Italy rhythm is the best in the world, 4, Italy is four championships, 5, Italy group."

In contrast, the Brazil team is a tragedy......

The Brazil Football Association officials announced Neymar missed the return

The Brazil Football Association said in a statement on its website, even if Brazil win over Germany in the NBA Finals, Neymar also no comeback may... And he said to those who tried to persuade Neymar to play people exposed...... [tease sister agreed! The most important members of the body! But if the injured spine may end his career! ] then coach scocca pre-season for the Brazil team in the gumption! The team hope to fight for his motherland! Fought for Neymar!"The German team to Royce bend gundogan fight... Don't tell me the number of injured derby......" [there are several cold... ]

"This kind of psychological warfare battle should psy... Certainly Phil strong ~ "[psy and silently... ]

"That year China team the Asian Cup finals in Beijing home because Li Weifeng and Zheng Zhi has lost the championship" [04 years? ]

"When Brazil put a mu type bus?" [Dante Alves Marcelo... This configuration set bus...? ]

The fans are spontaneous drop in support of Brazil, Neymar, what do they do?

Brazil fans putting Neymar made mask and posted online for everyone to download, anyone can put Neymar mask print out and watch the game on the go to court on a mask. May the semi-final of the Mineiro arena, there will be tens of thousands of Neymar, they hope to use this picture to support Neymar, then scare Germany ~ [Germany is so scared... ]