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The latest forecast of World Cup France VS Germany Brazil vs Columbia (1)

 Germany's 2-1 victory over Algeria difficult to advance to the quarter finals, which is since 1954, the German team (including former Federal Germany) 16 consecutive World Cup quarter finals. In 60 years, the German team won the championship 3 times, 4 times, 3 times, 1 runner up, third order four. So proud record although cannot be put on a par with and "star Brazil", but enough for the world cup is the king.The German team for the first time to participate in the World Cup but also traced back to 80 years ago, in 1934 second session of the world cup, the German team to 3 wins 1 of the negative record was third. After the Second World War, Germany was divided into the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic (the former West and East Germany), the result is FIFA barred entry.

Until 1954, the Federal Republic of Germany at the world cup again. The World Cup group stage, the German team 4-1 win over Turkey, but in the 3-8 defeat by Hungary, and Turkey to replay the same points, finally by 7-2 win over rivals, Germany and Hungary to qualify for the semi-finals (Ba Qiang). Since then, the German team singing all the way, a row in Austria, Uruguay and Hungary team won the championship. The 1962 World Cup, the German team in the group round robin 0-0 draw with Italy, defeated Switzerland 2-1, 2-0 victory over Chile at eight. The final phase, the German team 0-1 not enemy Yugoslavia were eliminated, finally I got the seventh prize. The 1966 World Cup, the German team all the way to the final, but the England team was the runner up 1-2.The last century 70's, is a golden period in the Federal Republic of Germany football, the emergence of a Beckenbauer, GERD Muller, Rummenigge and other stars. The German team into the semi-finals in the 1970 World Cup group match winning streak Morocco, Bulgaria and Peru, eventually finishing third. The 1974 World Cup, the Federal Republic of Germany to historic and democratic Germany in a group, results in a 0-1 loss. However, this does not prevent them qualify for the semi-finals, and again after 20 years into the final, final, the German team 2-1 defeated the Holland team to win the title for the second time. The 1978 World Cup belongs to Argentina, the Federal Republic of Germany in the quarter finals after failed to go further, has the 0-0 draw with Italy, 2-2 draw in Holland, lost to Austria 2-3, finally I got the sixth prize.After entering 80 age, the Federal Republic of Germany's performance is still very stable, in 1982 1986, two consecutive World Cup finals, but lost to the Italy and Argentina respectively, regret second harvest. Until 1990 Italy summer in Beck, led by Bauer, with Matthaeus, Klinsmann, Bremer three carriages of the Federal Republic of Germany to continue through the penalty shoot out in Yugoslavia and England in the final, the final 1-0 victory over the Argentina won the world cup on third occasions. With Germany's reunification, Germany in 1994 and 1998 two session of the world cup has made the group, just in the 1/4 finals were lost to Bulgaria and Croatia failed to qualify for the semi-finals.