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Neymar was stretchered off to the hospital Si Shuai: Germany.

 Although after 90 minutes of fighting, the Brazil team to a 2-1 victory over the Columbia success to qualify for the world cup 4 strong, but because Neymar the wound was stretchered off the pitch the scene or let countless fans worry sorrow Samba position. The latest news pointed out, Neymar in a stretcher after being rushed to the hospital, his back injury seems not very optimistic, whether to play against Germany's semi-final in doubt.Although Neymar was not scoring, but seventh minutes, Tiago - Silva's opener was his assists to. The tournament Neymar one person to complete 4 goals and 1 assists, directly involved in the half of Brazil 10 goals. This performance also let him become the object Columbia key violation. This competition Neymar completed 3 successful people, but also by the 4 invasion. Eighty-seventh minutes episode is particularly worrying, I saw Columbia Zuniga from behind the knees knocked Neymar, Brazil No. 10 right knee direct landing, follow-up is climbed on the ground in pain. The stretcher at quickly approach, Neymar covered his eyes, expression is very painful, it is tears.

Answer about Neymar's injury problems Brazil coach Scolari after an interview: "according to the doctor told the information as well as his condition US, I don't think he can come back in the semi-finals before. We all know that Neymar will be there are many invasion, Neymar was sent to the hospital after crying."Before the game, there was news that Neymar may not be able to play due to injury, but after today's the injury, especially the direct was sent to the hospital, had to make people worried. With Germany in the semi-final, Captain Silva has been unable to play because of suspension, and if Neymar did not play, then Brazil will be in the head and the end of each lost a senior general, this is not what good news for Chi won at home in front of the samba regiment...... And when Neymar hurt the rest of the World Cup games, then this will be doomed to a great loss to the world cup.

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