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News description

The preliminary contest - the country foot halo 3-1 Jordan Hao Junmin plum to open two degrees

 Brazil World Cup qualifier 20 strong Asian Cup group stage of the last round of the competition, have to advance out of the China team at home court against the advance of the Jordanian team. Forty-second minutes in the first half and the second half sixty-eighth minutes, Hao Junmin plum to open two degrees, eighty-fourth minutes, the team is made up of Fatah recover a ball, eighty-seventh minutes, Yu Dabao scored a ball locking victory, the end of the game, home court Chinese team in the final 3-1 victory against a victory, to bid farewell to the imperfect group stage.As has been earlier from the team out, with Feng Xiaoting and Zheng Zhi, the player's back injury, the game, Camacho has enabled more than young players. Back online, two centre backs Zhao Peng and Zhang Linpeng only together first, the waist position, the national rookie Qinsheng (micro-blog) and Lv Peng was the first opportunity, while in the attacking line almost before the warm-up and Kuwait, Chen Tao as the lumbar (micro-blog), Yu Hanchao and Hao Junmin are two wings, Gao Lin single arrow the head in front of.Game only 20 seconds, Jordan launched a lightning strike, left many players after the match after at the end of the next pass, Zhang Linpeng the front door column beautiful and volley the ball out. Third minutes, the stage a comeback, right 45 degree angle into the restricted area, the middle DIB jumps high flyflap door, the ball is not top forces by Zeng Cheng to get.

Seventh minutes, Yu Hanchao left the ball high speed break to win a free kick opportunity for China team, but arbitrary ball position Hao Junmin out of the poor, the guard header with counter attack, Chen Tao helpless behind holding, eat to the game's first yellow card.

Tenth minutes, China team won the best chance after the opening, Chinese team right corner to the near post, Zhao Peng in the two Jordanian defenders clip anti jumping header, the goalkeeper fell the ball under pressure in the body.Since then, the two sides to strengthen the midfield, the error can be increased, the field does not appear too threatening attack, twenty-seventh minutes, the team won the free kick opportunity in front of the left, DIB fencing with a beautiful arc ball, the ball close to the beam to fly out.

30 minutes, Chinese team right passes on, the guard block the ball up, Qinsheng volley ball again, blocked out. 34 minutes, the team before the fast counter attack, Lv Peng foul tackle from behind the yellow card, Fatah from the gate 25 meters place free kicks up out of bounds.

41 minutes, the Gao Lin forbidden area arc top when the ball was placed, Chinese team a free kick opportunity an excellent location, Hao Junmin hit a scimitar type a beautiful shot, but the ball to wipe out the door.