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Camacho believes that the 3-4 change the country foot multi warm-up for no contest

 Tencent sports news Beijing standard time on February 29th message, the 2014 Brazil World Cup Asian zone 20 round, the country foot at home court 3-1 over the Jordan, in the post race press conference, Camacho said the national team to 3, after 4 years will goochange.Camacho told his post match press conference first said: today's game with many players are first played the full 90 minutes, the beginning may be a bit nervous, after the change, and then keep up. With the passage of time, the situation is more favorable, like a game, Jordan has almost no hit our box inside, we must learn to persevere, to know later how to play.He said he stand around and shouted not because of dissatisfaction with the players, "what I so stand up just because I am the coach. In the time of the next, I will have a look of young players, have a look whether they have the chance to come to China to participate in training and competition. For them, at least in the club to play the game, like Zhang Linpeng, he must play the game to the national team."

For this young country foot, Camacho said, the average age of only 25 years old, the very young, if able to adhere to the three to four years, the team will have a good change.For the defense portfolio, Camacho noted in the backcourt, he talked about them (Zhao Peng and Zhang Linpeng) can often put the ball into the penalty area, the national team need a player like him. In addition, two side guard pass is also good, at my request.In the battle for about 6104 spectators the embarrassment of attendance, Camacho did not give a positive answer, but said in front of the TV will have more audience.

The young Jin Jingdao future development, Camacho said that the future is to go to the national team, or to look at his personal development and performance. If he has enough ability, and he beat the competition player, he can often come to China this big family. In fact, as Qin Sheng (micro-blog) and Zhang Linpeng, two players, are then entered into the country foot, they are with the strength to fight for his place.For the future of the country foot embarrassing situation no formal game for two to three years, Camacho thinks that only as much as possible to contact the warm-up match, in order to ensure the full race. Of course, we will devote more time to see the players of the game, select a better player

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