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News description

The 2014 World Cup ball Brazuca

 Every four years a world cup. Every world cup, will have a ball with a new game. From 1970 onwards, Adidas began making for the World Cup match ball. The 2014 World Cup ball named Brazuca. This goal can not in general, it is for those who need a scapegoat for the players of extraordinary significance.Brazuca is a controversial new ball. It is composed of six pieces of material spliced. Six oh! A standard soccer has 32 pieces, such as Adidas first grain of World Cup ball, 1970 TV star (Telstar), which is composed of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagonal mosaic, which is based on the spherical geometry. The most reasonable way of splicing. However, if the World Cup ball like full avenue roll football, that there is no point.The 2006 World Cup in Germany, Adidas began to deviate from the traditional design, the team made 14 star (Teamgeist). The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, spherical and less 4, become 10 the Jabulani (Jabulani). Some of the players, especially the goalkeeper said, the new ball that is too light, and it is difficult to predict track, which causes some originally not into the ball the final score.But the new global confidence in the Adidas full, the ball after numerous tests after a good response.

The grain of the new ball brightly, weighs 437 grams (slightly lighter than the Jabulani some), the circumference of 69 cm, belongs to the normal ball size specifications. Adidas designers emphasize this six pieces of mosaic material ball is the most consistent with the geometry of the soccer. But what the hell does that mean that people can't understand, this ball end than those of ordinary football strong is also the most consistent with geometry where? The argument is that the shape of the Brazuca to make it more stable than the general ball, easy to control, in which good, it is suitable for the field in any position, all the players strike.

Brazuca now after the robot and the players test. In the past few years, it has been repeatedly sent to court for testing, to collect the feedback of different position players. Adidas claimed that the particle is a particle ball ever test for the longest time, from the concept stage to the measured, designers were numerous adjustments to it, and now has more than 600 players participated in the trial to play test.                                                                                                                      More News http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/