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News description

In World Cup action won the championship Lu invited Wu Jingui to comment on the Belgian vs American

 In July 1st, the championship game Wu Jingui invited to comment on World Cup predictions exciting events, and to the game screen simulation games. We come to have a look USA collision Belgium vs how passion

From the group stage record, Belgium three wins, appeared in the group. And America team 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative, with goal difference advantage beat Portugal second in their group. From the start, the Belgian dominance.

But American team team relatively strong strength, against Portugal and Germany in the scene are not weak. In Belgium, the strength of the dominant still want to the last moment to sort out the game, the state is still not very good.

Before the two sides met 5 times, Belgium 4 wins and 1 negative, occupy the psychological superiority. Both the lineup, the Belgian player in the Premier League, La Liga mostly served as the main team. And USA team only Deng Puxi, Howard and a few players in the 5 major league. From the strength contrast, Belgium to dominant superiority.

Belgium has a Zal, Lukaku, Mirallas and several other attackers, American after the defense team is able to withstand the test is a major doubt. Deng Puxi led the American strike to Kompani led to the Belgian defence formed much trouble?

But considering the Belgian tournament overall to state is relatively slow, and American team status is relatively good, has the possibility certain defeat strong enemies. Considering various factors, this game is very likely in the 90 minutes, or even 120 minut to reach deuce    mpore more news.  http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/