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News description

The preliminary contest - Argentina win 5-2 line Messi was shot Jiangong Aguero

 The game focus

More than 5 to 2 victory over Paraguay, Argentina became the first South American teams through the qualifying round the world cup in Brazil, also become the tenth team to qualify for the World Cup team locked. Argentina will take part in the sixteenth World Cup, also will be the eleventh consecutive World cup.

Messi kicks the plum to open two degrees and two assists in 83 games, scoring 37 goals beyond Crespo, to become the Argentina No. two scorer, top scorer in Argentina after Batistuta. Messi himself made a controversial penalty, Messi picked the ball past the left arm was touched the ball, then followed by Candy Asia trip, but the referee insisted penalty.

Messi has set up Aguero, Maxi Rodriguez broke, the national team assists reached 25, of which 5 assists, Aguero. Aguero excellent condition, to break through the restricted area manufacturing penalty, then the chest after stopping bursts open, World Cup qualifier has scored 5 goals.Eleventh minutes, Argentina quick counterattack of three dozen each, Di Maria cross, Aguero Fernandes threw herself into the ball, the referee penalty and booked Fernandes, Messi penalty shot dead left net, 1 than 0!

Seventeenth minutes, Zamudio on the left back, Nunes small restricted area before the ball hit into the point of homeopathy, Romero in the body after the bomb into the net, 1 than 1! Paraguay tie the score.

Thirty-second minutes, Messi ball chest chest, Aguero burst into the penalty area after the fire broke his left foot left rib, 2 than 1! Argentina was once again leading the.

Fiftieth minutes, biglia pass, the Di Maria forbidden area left rib foot pushes shoots forces a door open, 3 than 1!

Fifty-second minutes, Messi in the restricted area flicks was Candy down, the referee penalty, Messi penalty left foot shot, 4 than 1!

Eighty-sixth minutes, Zamudio on the left back, Santa Cruz road to follow pushes shoots forces a door open, 4 than 2!

Ninetieth minutes, the Messi forbidden area arc straight, Maxi Rhodes Gus turned to break, 5 than 2!