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The world cup is the latest news: Mexico 6 consecutive fall in outside the top 8 most miserable world cup team was born

 Beijing time on June 30th at 0 in the morning, the 2014 Brazil World Cup 1/8 finals third games at Fortaleza's Kast Law stadium, group B winners Holland. Group A second Mexico, Holland at the last moment with Huntelaar's penalty beat Mexico into the top 8, 2-1.In new network on 30 June, said the world cup which team scores the most stable, not just out of Mexico itself, they have 6 consecutive world cup broke into the top 16, also stop at 16. See to still have 10 minutes to break the fate to break into the strong 8, but 3 minutes even lost two ball, Mexico 1-2 were shot, 16 strong spell 6 consecutive World Cup has not been lifted.

In 1970, Mexico's first World Cup, with the advantage of host, their first group game breakout, and for the first time into the top 8 in Belgium. But in the 1/4 finals, they defeat to Italy. In 1986, Mexico became the first ever two country to host the world cup, this time, Mexico's football level has been a qualitative leap, the tournament after the break 1/8 finals over Europe Bulgaria, 1/4 final and just penalties was lost to the second session of germany.

In 1994, did not participate in the 1990 World Cup, World Cup in Mexico to return to the stage, only 20 years into the top 16. In 1994 USA World Cup, Mexico team in the group identity line, results in the knockout encounter bulgaria. Conventional time both teams played 1-1, a penalty shootout after 2-4 not enemy Mexico, Bulgaria, no tie team Shi Jilu.

1998 in France in the world cup, Mexico qualify after the experience of Germany, the 1/8 finals, today is very similar, Hernandez made the 1-0 lead for Mexico in the half court after the break, but before the end, Klinsmann and Bill Hof scored two goals, the German team to score in the frame of 2-1.The 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, Mexico qualify for USA team after the encounter, before the media has been optimistic about the Mexico win. However, USA team in the second half, by Mcbride and Donovan score, Mexico three consecutive stop 16.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany, Mexico team still can't break through, their team after team against Argentina, the opening sixth minutes to score by Marcos, but 4 minutes after Crespo scored the equaliser. Hardy Mexican keep the score of 1-1 to 90 minutes to the end of the game, but in overtime, Maxi Rodriguez startling shoots to score, let the world cup to be over 16.

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Mexico and Argentina team one can't avoid one's enemy again encounter, the Mexico team was a strong opponent played defenseless, 1-3, once again missed the top 8. The world cup, although Mexico is not the strongest of history, but the passion boss + explosive head keeper, let the fans hope for the Mexico team, but the last 10 minutes even lost two ball, 16 strong spell Mexico continues. I do not know 4 years Russia after the world cup, 6 consecutive spell will be lifted.  more news http://www.fifa14coinsuk.com/