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On the World Cup win?

 Soccer gambling harm It is evident to anyone, but the world is not agree. In China, it is illegal; it is illegal in Brazil, but there are also some countries; its legitimacy, which provides water to reproduce the speculators. Along with the advancement of globalization, especially the development of the Internet, speculators who expanded gradually, almost spread worldwide. Brazil has made several rounds of strike hard, but with little success.

State laws, there is a line regulation, soccer gambling legal state of the players gamble is limited. There is a total ban, a player must not loose the provisions of gambling in the project, and then loosely to the players are not allowed to bet on his own to play or he belongs to the team's game, once discovered will be banned for life. Chelsea defender Terry has reportedly fond of gambling, even bet the house, but he proved are betting on horses and dogs. Dissipate one's fortune to avert suspicion and lose, Terry finally off his gambling accounts.

To take money, Many a little make a mickle. is the first rule of speculators who. They set the rules, to earn money (Fees). As long as both sides of the bet is roughly balanced, the dealer will succeed.

When the bets are unbalanced, the dealer will take second strokes: the adjustment of water level or the odds. Such as Brazil to Honduras such overmatch, the dealer will put Brazil win was very low, such as 1.1, is also the chin West win also can earn 10%. If the betting continues to focus on Brazil, the dealer can also timely adjust the odds, such as down to 1.05 or even lower, in order to avoid risks.

In addition, the banker and the third measure, is the mutual betting. Final balance.

Fourth trick is just a game at all kinds of betting project, in order to disperse. In addition to the most common guess Shengping negative and let the ball, what's the big ball (both teams score sum), on the second half, one team goal number, number, card number, corner there is no penalty, there is no red...... Also, more evil, such as: which kicked off, the first goal, who was the last goal is who, have an own goal, a specific player will score some goals...