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Civil War also see Brazil in South America semifinals

 World Cup truce day, really cruel catch on the upcoming fight. No matter what kind of 48 group matches left mark 16 World Cup playoff game is the most essential part of the climax. When extra time, penalties and lore became an instant winning hand, the magic of football will really shine. 



Civil War also see Brazil in South America semifinals 


The first quarter and a half area, gathered four teams from South America. Brazil and Chile, Colombia and Uruguay, almost represents the highest level of Latin football. Unfortunately, due to the impulse bite was suspended Suarez, Cavani impossible with strikes. Colombians face of aggressive Soviet Union had almost Uruguay God only strengths, his suspension will undoubtedly reduce the team's tackling ability, after all, to flee Asia Diego - Diego Forlan, not far from the 2010 World Cup in South Africa when the wizard ghosts. 

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Colombia in the group stage with a full attack strength, Portuguese super top scorer Jackson - Martinez even only as a bench, but has scored two goals. On a more vain James - Rodriguez fiery competitive state, and the entire midfield efficient operation capability. For the audience, Colombians impromptu celebration is undoubtedly the brightest spectacle. The face of the lack of "teeth" in Uruguay, Colombia may win big. 
Brazil is a hard nut to rival Chile, who survived the attack from Spain and the Netherlands, and shows his ability to fight in the good fight. This time the showdown the host, to be added can be described as facing the objective difficulties. As the first start of the playoffs, this battle will cause worldwide attention. Brazil in terms of race preparation, or the player desires, slightly better than Chile. As the visiting team, hope Chile, the host should be able to pin down, pinning his hopes on an upset in overtime or penalty shootout.
Africa's future is not good challenge Europe 
And two half district showdown with Brazil, are tyrannical European and African teams to the touch, it is a coincidence. France on Nigeria, Algeria and Germany, it seems not much suspense. In contrast, the Gallic rooster seems to need to be careful. Before the World Cup, few promising Ribery missed the French team, but the three group match, Frenchman almost climbed the highest odds of winning the theoretical point standings. So contrast, people have to worry about, so smooth group stage, whether to cover up the lack of the squad, and the lack of Bianzhao disadvantage? 
African Eagle Nigeria should not be overlooked, facing Argentina, Musa's brace once let Pampas eagle gripped. World Cup history, Nigeria more than once Lectra European despots, 1998 Spain win the battle, you can learn from being Nigerians. Once Africans win this battle became "eagle catches chicken" promise. 
Relatively speaking, the German position relatively stable, the "Desert Fox" from Africa, Algeria is more like the European team, they play rigorous pursuit of technical and tactical cooperation. Germany has always been to play rolling, the lack of super powers to defeat all opponents, Algeria is the lack of core representative of the overall play. Unless the German hand over, otherwise there will be no promotion of Deutsche chariot suspense. 
Tyrannical encounter in perpetuity crack 
World Cup odds to win instant standings, the Netherlands and Argentina in the top four, they are seeded in the bottom half of the most powerful, but also the most promising rendezvous semifinals. From the look against opponents the Netherlands, Mexico, and Argentina's opponents Switzerland, are non Dengxianzhibei. Especially from the Americas in Mexico, was named the best at playing the World Cup group match in the mid-range teams. In other words, Mexico insisted short pass penetration style may not be applicable in the playoffs. In a single field decide the outcome of the game, scoring efficiency far more than the value of the ball itself. 
Mexico controlled the face of play, the Dutch holding high hit and happened a long pass back to work, state fiery Robben and Robin van Persie has the ability to tear through the ability exaggerated one situation, but it takes more Mexicans efforts to restore a disadvantage on the score. However, the Dutch defense lack of experience, Mexicans and will not easily surrender. 
The same contrast appears in the game between Argentina and Switzerland, the Swiss are "chained defense," the invention of the originator, proficient in how to lock each arrow character. But now Messi Argentina does not really rely on one person, Dima Elijah interspersed without the ball on the wing, often made ​​up for Messi to be posted after the death of the space. But Aguero is injured, Messi still needs to play a lone hero Pampas. 
Dark Horse quitting verification of purity 
When Costa Rica suffered Greece, Belgium met the United States, so it is difficult to equate playoff showdown with the World Cup. As the tournament's two biggest dark horse, Costa Rica and Greece territories, will be "Who is the biggest surprise of suspense" to start the contest. Costa Rica Gongshoupingheng, the ability to balance various locations. In contrast, Greece significantly stronger defensive attack, 1-0 is the best result. 
However, the return of veteran card Chu Ranis, may disrupt Greece managed to build a winning philosophy. It is said that more than one thousand Greek fans to vote, I hope the card is no longer starting Chu Ranis. I am afraid that such a debate on the "former European Cup champions" quite negative. More importantly, Costa Rica, Brazil will certainly usher in more support for the Greeks promotion worrying. 

Belgium and the United States, the biggest showdown suspense. Belgium three straight victories, but every game exposed their shortcomings. The good news is that Mertens and Azar have instant blast impact; bad news is Loukakou state is very general, Europe has more than once rely Red Devils coach Wilmots the eureka moment to win. The United States recognized but fearless, they kick knockout rhythm and the group stage no different. To be sure, this will be a showdown underestimated the intensity.



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