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News description

Brazil World Cup all over

 Brazil World Cup all over, after a fierce competition for 48 games, reached the second stage of the 16 playoff teams released. 

In 16, a total of six European teams, five South American teams, three teams in North America and two African teams. American teams (South America + in North America) is featured as the current outbreak, the total number of teams in the qualifying overwhelmed the traditional strength of Europe (10 Honduras and Ecuador only American team to be eliminated, all the other Top 16). Many people believe that this and this competition in South America, whereas the World Cup seven times in the history of the Americas, held in the final to win all the South American team. [Free Bets Quarter Finals Football Lottery] [guess than to share a 50% discount] [Brazil's 2-0 win compensation 6.5] 
European team became World Cup group match frustrated groups, defending champion Spain out upset, and the most typical European Waterloo in Group D, both traditionally strong teams in Italy and England fall, the Americas, Costa Rica and Uruguay are squeezed . 
Asian teams dismal World Cup performance, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Australia four AFC teams did not win, have all been eliminated, and all are bottom panel. 
List of 16 World Cup in Brazil 
Group A: Brazil, Mexico 
Group B: Netherlands, Chile 
Group C: Colombia, Greece 
Group D: Costa Rica, Uruguay 
Group E: France, Switzerland 
Group F: Argentina, Nigeria 
Group G: Germany, United States 
Group H: Belgium, Algeria 

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