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EA Sports: 'FIFA 14 add-on wouldn't do World Cup justice'

 The decision to release 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil as a standalone package has been explained by EA Sports.


2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will make its Xbox 360 and PS3 retail debut on April 17 in Europe and April 15 in North America. However, previous event title UEFA Euro 2012 was released as a digital download for FIFA 12 users.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will make its Xbox 360 and PS3 debut in April

Speaking to Digital Spy, producer Matt Prior said that both the game and the tournament were too big to release as a digital download.


"The World Cup is a massive event, so for us to do the game justice, and the event justice, we feel we have to do it as an event title packaged good," Prior explained.


"We can do the ten game modes, do the stadiums and do the radio, but as a DLC we can only do a tiny slither of that."


Prior said that launching as DLC is a barrier to new users, and would limit the amount of new features and gameplay updates.

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will make its Xbox 360 and PS3 debut in April

"About 50% of those that play our game are brand new users, so if you make it a DLC within another game, that's a real barrier for them for entry," he continued.


"It also makes it really expensive, because those guys have got to buy FIFA and then download DLC, so it's a real barrier for half our demographic.


"The other main reason is that DLC is very limiting in our ability to do stuff through add-on content. You saw in the Euros that there was no gameplay updates. It would make massive architectural changes to the way we do AI. 


"So, for example, if you bought the Euro DLC and your gameplay had been updated and you went into FIFA online and met me, two different gameplays would instantly desync."

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

The standalone release features 203 nations, 7,469 players, 19 officially licensed managers, 21 stadiums, and more than 15 hours of new in-game commentary.


It features a 'Road to the FIFA World Cup' mode, 'Captain your Country' mode and scenario mode featuring 60 objectives.


It will also add 100 new animations, new ball physics and set-piece tactics.


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