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Beat Your Marker Using 2 Great FIFA 14 tips

 FIFA fan and football journalist Darren Cross has revealed  two ways  players can avoid getting tackled when they are receiving passes from fellow teammates. He asked how many games of FIFA people have played where they felt like their opponent was predicting their every move, closing them down quickly and nicking the ball from their player’s feet before they could get their attacks going.

He said he had many matches that were similar and still he regularly faced players in the game who are truly good at pressing in this way aggressively after reading the game. Although it is a defensive tactic that is risky, it can be quite useful. It is a tactic that Darren had struggled to counter at first. tweet

Currently, Darren does not mind facing players that are good in this way. In fact, he enjoys it as it will mean that being patient while moving the ball, his team eventually should find gaps starting to open up in his opponent’s defense. This will make it easier for him to find some way through.  weet

Any player can use the strategy as long as they can avoid being predicted and then outsmarted by the opponent to begin with. In most cases, it is possible to manage as long as a number of techniques are used to evade the player’s marker, continue building an attack and keeping the ball.

Cross has provided five moves that work best in any situation when a player receives the ball with their back to any defender who is near and looking o implement a tackle as soon as possible. In a match such scenarios pop up many times, so if one can utilize these tips in their game, they should find it quite easy to either retain possession and begin an attack again or beat their marker when they are up against opponents who love to press.

The moves should be mixed up a bit. If you keep using the same strategy, it will be easy for your opponent to figure it out and start countering it to get the ball again. Keep your opponents guessing by trying to be unpredictable at all times.

Through the legs

You should try to save such a move for times when you know you can really have it count. Once you have done it several times in each game, the opponent will begin anticipating it and get the ball before it has a chance to run through. It is advisable not to use it during one-on-one challenges out wide or a distance from your opponent’s goal. The bets time to use this maneuver is when your striker has received the ball and has one defender for company. If you get it right, you will be dealing with the keeper.

What you need to do is make sure you hold R1 or RB just before the ball reaches you. This will allow your player to dummy it with his legs. You should be ready with the sprint and left stick button so that you can turn and run to the pass. Each of these tips will only work better with an increase in your opponent’s aggressiveness. It relies on their level of impatience to get the ball back resulting in the creation of space for your player to get away after turning. It is considered to be most effective when you are facing a player who is impatient.

As long as you have ensured you have put enough space on the primary pass, the chances for recovery by the defender are almost nil. When the pass is not strong enough, avoid going for this move. After you have dummied, you will not be able to put sufficient distance between the ball and the defender.

Spin and Flick

The Spin, also referred to as the Simple spin, can be quite easy to do. On the other hand, the Flick Turn tends to be more challenging but has the possibility to be very effective. Its possibility of effectiveness is attributed to the fact that the defending player has a very slight chance of anticipating the same.

The Simple Spin has to do with moving with the ball’s path first. This means that you should turn the way the ball is moving. For example, if it is moving down the screen, you should turn with it that way. You should then use the left stick to quickly go back in the direct opposite direction. What normally happens is the player defending will anticipate the primary turn and start positioning himself for interception. This is the time you should push back round the left stick then make sure you are off to the space that has just been created by your opponent. Usually, the striker should find it easy to get away. However, he needs to have good dribbling, above average ball control and has to be quick.

The Flick turn is different as it happens faster and looks far better. Such attributed helps you get away from any marker you may have. All the same, you will need to have more timing and concentration to be successful. To do the move, begin turning with the ball’s path in similar fashion used in the Spin above. Quickly flick the stick on the right in the opposing direction only after you have held the sprint button. It should be done in a similar fashion as the one you used for Simple Spin with the stick on the left.

In a single fluid motion, your player should be capable of enticing the defender using the first section of the turn. He should follow by flicking the ball in your exit’s direction using a single fluid motion. By using this move, the opponent’s defender will be left with almost zero chances of catching up. It is advisable to try the move in practice matches. It is not easy to master it and you may need several hours of practice before you can use it like a pro. It is well worth using time in practicing it since it can make you almost unstoppable. At the same time, the move is quite spectacular when executed properly.