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when you play FIFA 14 one after another

 It is those parts may seem completely useless, but believe me, if you try to think, when you play FIFA 14 one after another, you'll be surprised that it can give you an edge over your opponent.

When you first start playing the man, you need to pay attention to how they deal with certain situations, in order to defend them well. You need to pay special attention to which direction they have behind them a defender, the ball came to them, regardless of whether they are inside when cut, they have a player at the end of the ball, and so on. Of course, they do not always do the same thing, but it can help to know that they are most likely to do that. It's always better than guessing.
Interestingly, a lot of players do not turn up, how they deal with these key scenes in the game. Some players always favored endo just have such a player Robben or dangerous shot from just outside the box, so you can just put your guard inside and write down your backup is that if he gets past him. Then, it becomes quite simple: as long as he began to get past the first defender, switching quickly abandoned the interior defense steals the ball, we can respond. If you do not often analyze what he will do, you'll be taken by surprise, you just roll with the punches as they come. You may have been unable to react with the second player, he'll get a shot up.
Focus on simpler solutions, such as players tend to its direction may be to your advantage. Again, he may not always go to these directions, but it is very interesting, people tend to do the same thing over and over again in a game like FIFA. People gradually adapt their work seen in the past, always just choose to go once again. Similarly, people over and over again to defend the same direction, but you can beat cycle prediction based on previous attempts.