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Salah: the beginning of many opportunities missed

 Salah: the beginning of many opportunities missed

 In Rome this Sunday's game vs. Sassuolo, Salah broke his left foot shot from outside the area, this is his first league goals in Rome. After the game, he gave an interview to the club's official website. In the interview, he frankly today's performance is not good, but his team back on track to win a positive optimistic attitude.


He says: "I hope can score every game, even better than today (today) this result is not good for us, we should have won at the beginning of the game we missed a lot of opportunities. , but also a bit unlucky because we need to continue to move forward, the next win our next game and this season has just begun, so far we have only played four games. "


"With a field of game, I was getting better and better understanding of my teammates. We are getting to know each other. I want everyone to be able to do my best in the upcoming game, if we are can do that, then we can win every game. "


"(To Serie A) before I knew Serie A is not simple, but the fact is also true. Italy tend defensive team in the game, they just put the ball in the back of the 11 people. We must do more than do today more. The end result of this game just 2-2, but the next game, we will do more, and down to win. "


"Juventus and Inter Milan are strong, they have very good players, but we only need to consider our own, continue to move forward. We now do not have to think about the other teams, we just need to focus on our own game."


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