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News description

Suarez: We should be happy

 Suarez: We should be happy

 Whether or Uruguayan striker Sergio - Roberto thought Barca played very well in Rome, we should win games.

Suarez: We should be happy

"We should be happy," After Barcelona 1 to 1 draw away to Rome, Suarez said, "We played well and created a lot of chances. They use long-range break, and then return to defend. We create more scoring opportunities, but we did not get the chance. "

Rome's goal for Uruguay was "shocked", "because they did not create any chances before, but the most shocking to me is that Rafinha injury, which affected our performance, but we can not see this as an excuse . "The campaign for the Barcelona scored the only goal of Suarez also criticized the referee's performance, he believes he should get a penalty," it is obvious video also see very clearly. They said I was in diving. "

The following are other players in the statement:

Sergio - Roberto

"In 90 minutes, we are a better team performance. We are lucky enough to just throw the ball, so the shot 50 feet into a will. We work very hard to start in the Champions League victory is always better, but today it is impossible."

"We like the goalkeeper position closer to the top, so he could help fight back, we still think this is the way we need to play. Today is just luck is not good enough."

"Rafinha said he felt his knee was kicked a bit, but we do not know whether his injuries more severe. We want to examine the results very satisfactory, so that he could return to the team as soon as possible."

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