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News description

Roma VS Barcelona: Defending champion with a separate bureau (1-1)

 Roma VS Barcelona: Defending champion with a separate bureau (1-1)

 Suarez opened the scoring for Barcelona 21 minutes, but after 10 minutes Florencio Qi Rome equalizer.

Roma VS Barcelona: Defending champion with a separate bureau (1-1)

In 2009 to win the Champions League with a stadium, Barcelona to 1-1 draw in Rome began the 2015-16 season in the Champions League journey. Barca players were firmly in control of the game, if a little more luck in front of goal, Barcelona this is possible to achieve this win.

Barcelona players who played for the first time wearing a blue shirt, Enrique's team from the outset firmly in control of the game, opening just four minutes after Messi shot from just outside the area. The first 10 minutes, Suarez header hoisting create a threat, but Messi once again in the restricted area Qiangdian shot. The first 21 minutes, Barca finally paid off, Rakitic restricted right costal cross, Suarez almost at the goal line header hoisting break.

Short lead

Barca's lead lasted only 10 minutes. The first 30 minutes when the game kicked, Florencio Sarkozy in his own half steals, then lob to break 50 meters away.

Opponents equalized the score did not let Barca affected, Enrique players continue to attack, the first 100 appearances for Barcelona's Lionel Messi make Barca the lead again determined. Before the end of the first half, Argentina shot slightly over the bar, and another shot at Szczesny confiscated, on the other side of the court, Teershite root also saved a shot from satisfied English Golan. Again none of the two teams scored in the first half with a 1-1 draw.

Injury crisis

The second half has just begun, it closed out the Macy Shenqinsini very threatening shot. But then with Suarez after the collision, Shenqinsini hand injury, had to leave early, De Sanctis off the bench. But Barcelona also have players injured, after playing replaced Rakitic, Rafinha was satisfied that the British Golan Chanshang. Brazilian midfielder was stretchered off the pitch, Javier Mascherano off the bench.

The two teams into a bitter struggle in the midfield, rarely creating scoring chances. But in the last 15 minutes, Barca continue to create a threat, with Neymar after the two had a match, Suarez missed scoring opportunities, while Macy impeccable shot beams denied.

Last-minute onslaught

The last time the home team did not meet in a draw, and dominant 88th-minute long-range Teershite root confiscated. The game into extra-time, Barca broke three consecutive manufacturing opportunities. Pique's header wide, Mano Las Alba closed out the shot, while Sergio - Roberto De Sanctis's long-range has also been confiscated.

Final, Barcelona in Rome to get a point, the next one will be in the Champions League on September 29th, Barcelona will face Bayer Leverkusen at the Nou Camp.

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