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News description

Champions Barcelona 6 gene inventory marshal Played red and blue

 Champions Barcelona 6 gene inventory marshal Played red and blue

 Champions League (microblogging topics) this season comprises 15 players and six coaches worked in Barcelona (the official data) effectiveness.

Champions Barcelona 6 gene inventory marshal Played red and blue

The European group stage will begin in September, the first round away against Barcelona in Rome. While the other team has 15 players and six coach worked in Barcelona effect.

This 21 names from 12 different teams, we will have set.

Keita and Falk with Barcelona in the same group

Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen, Rome, Borisov in Group E together are divided. Enrique's team will travel to Italy begin this season's Champions League journey, while Falck opponent is Keita and effectiveness of Rome. In addition Borisov array have Hleb, who for Barcelona midfielder effect in 2008-2012.

Group F Barcelona powerful gene

This group has the most former Barcelona man's name. English Premier League (microblogging topics) club Arsenal (data) to obtain the third league last season, and Sanchez array Belleli (microblogging) had a Barcelona player. Bayern coach Pep Guardiola array there and midfielder Tiago. Olympiakos defender Bo Diya was in 2009 for the Barcelona first team had a debut.

Former Barcelona man name G group either. Chelsea (data) have Fabregas and Pedro, and even coach Jose Mourinho also worked in Barcelona. Porto array there coach Peggy Roth, striker Tello (microblogging).

Group of Death of Toure (Y- K- Toure Toure) and Caceres

The most difficult group this season should be a D group. Finalists last season, Juventus (microblogging official data) array have Caceres, Manchester City (data) array there Yaya - Toure, have for Barcelona effect.

Other names

A group of Paris Saint-Germain (microblogging data) coach Blanco, Ibrahimovic, Maxwell, Motta. Group B there Cocu PSV Eindhoven coach, Manchester United (microblogging data) coach Louis van Gaal.