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News description

Rafael: Garr not Brazilian? Unclear


Rafael Van Gaal told the media that really do not like yourself, but it does not explain Van Gaal and Brazilians can not get along.

Rafael ending a seven-year career at Old Trafford last week, officially joined the club Lyon. Ferguson and Moyes men, he qualified for the team's main right-back position, but Van Gaal came after Manchester United, he played only six league games, the last was in October last year. Van Gaal's history in the past, he has been quite closely with the Brazilian players. Barcelona when he and Rivaldo also Giovanni forged a certain distance, they came to get rid of Lucio Bayern.

Rafael told the French media: "I know Van Gaal and Brazilian players do not, and history, but I can not say: 'Oh, he is not like the Brazilians,' I know he does not like me, but I'm not sure whether this is Because I am a Brazilian. "He believes that Ferguson's retirement to his Manchester United career caused a fatal blow, Ferguson coached last year was his best time at Manchester United. "I almost after playing every game, this is my best season at Manchester United, we are the champions and then the coach changed, which for me is a fatal blow. I played better and better, but Ferguson left."

"I do not want to talk about the relationship with Moyes, because time is too short, less than a year in the hands of Valencia Louis van Gaal started to play right-back, he is a great player, but my performance in this position is also very Okay."

Finally, he said: "Transfers Lyon Ferguson call me to wish me good luck my relationship with him is very good, he discovered the 16-year-old me, and spare no effort to correct me, help me I really do not know how to thank him.