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Keita: Bearing in mind the effectiveness of four brilliant Barcelona

 Keita: Bearing in mind the effectiveness of four brilliant Barcelona

 Mali for Barcelona in 2008 to 2012 between, and now he is expected to return to the Nou Camp with Rome.

Keita: Bearing in mind the effectiveness of four brilliant Barcelona

This year a major focus Gamber Cup Keita is returning to the Nou Camp, he was in for Barcelona between 2008-2012. Then he removed the Super Bin Al Dalian, Valencia, Rome.

Keita's interview with Barcelona's official website.

Serie A campaign experience how?

"Very good. Last year we had a wonderful season, he won the League Second, although half of the season is very difficult. Eventually we came in behind Juventus, Champions League qualifying, so I think it was successful last season."

How to prepare for Gamber Cup Rome?

"We know that the upcoming game against the best team in Europe, so this game is very important. We want to and against the top teams from the official start of the race just a few days. Rome is the kind of want to get some of the titles in the season start The team, whether it is the league or cup. Juventus is clearly the favorite, but we can perform better than last year. "

Since you left, this is the first time back to the Nou Camp. What you ready for this moment?

"I am very happy, this is a friendly, relatively small pressure point. So I was able to enjoy the game more. I put the best four years of his career to leave Barcelona, ​​I will not forget. The fans treated me well, they are from not blame me, I feel like going home. "

How do you see the present Barcelona?

"This season has not started, but look at last season. They get the Triple Crown, I also need to say."

You are the first Triple Crown hero. At that time the team, and now what is the difference?

"It's hard to compare the two periods of the team. Now they can also get six crown. But most importantly, they are now once again become a Triple Crown."

Do you think Barcelona six crown can get it?

"Of course, now harder than ever to get the Triple Crown. Distance short of the achievements of six crown five games less than the league and the Champions League and the screening. I can not say they have done it, but they have been very close, their lineup can To achieve targets."

How you look at Messi, Neymar, Suarez Trident?

"Everyone knows this is the best striker in the world combination has scored a lot of goals last season. This team can also have three excellent strikers is incredible. Although Suarez had been suspended, but soon into the team ʱ??

What impressed you most in Barcelona when it is?

"There are a lot. I'm here for four years is the club's most successful four years. Plus I was lucky that I was personally in good years, so I remember all these four years."