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Turan receiving official website Interview: Barcelona were attracted Value

 Turan receiving official website Interview: Barcelona were attracted Value

 Turan in Istanbul accepted Barcelona's official website in an interview, he thinks he joined Barcelona is these years of hard work paid off.

Turan receiving official website Interview: Barcelona were attracted Value

28-year-old Turan landed in La Liga after four seasons to join Barcelona. This is a physical good, strong sense of attack player. He is still home to rest, he gave an interview to the official website of Barcelona.

Barcelona's official website: For many players, the Barcelona first team football career dreams. For How about you?

Turan: to become a part of Barcelona means a lot. This is my dream, my efforts paid off.

Barcelona's official website: Barcelona midfielder Xavi lost your arrival so the fans have high hopes. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Turan: I'm ready to accept the challenge. I trust he and his teammates the ability to adapt to the team and they will help me.

Barcelona's official website: What is the most interesting to you is to join Barcelona?

Turan: The most attracts me is the value of Barcelona. Barcelona's value system is that this soccer ball wind. In short, regardless of the court at Barcelona are a team.

Barcelona's official website: Barcelona Atletico different systems and Simoni. Do you think you can quickly adapt to the team?

Turan: I really like the style of Barcelona. My goal is to play here, into this system.

Barcelona's official website: You often mention Lionel Messi and express their appreciation. And he can fight side by side mean?

Turan: Well, I can say for Messi, he is the best player. On many occasions I have said that. Very honored to work with him alongside.

Barcelona's official website: Who was your childhood hero?

Turan: I hero Diego Maradona, but active players in no doubt Iniesta.

Barcelona's official website: Barcelona is a very team will score. You think you can contribute in this regard it? Your Galatasaray scored 43 goals in five seasons, so you do have experience in this area.

Turan: I do not set personal goals, refresh the previous record is not important, the most important is the integration of the new system. I believe I can do a lot of things, naturally raising the personal data.

Barcelona's official website: You are in the best period in Barcelona. You will not think a regular winning team will help you integrate?

Turan: I'm lucky to often be able to realize their dreams. From now on, my goal is to win all the titles this season. Why not become a six-time winner?

Barcelona's official website: how do you see the new Barcelona shirt design?

Turan: I know the importance of a shirt of a team and the fans. I'm proud to be able to name printed on the back of Barcelona jersey, I believe that this new design will bring good luck.

Barcelona's official website: Barcelona city you know it? Like it or not?

Turan: I love Barcelona. I was born in Istanbul, close to the sea. From now on, I'm lucky to be able to wake up every day at the beach again. But the most important thing is to be successful here, I believe wishes come true.

Barcelona's official website: Do you know what the name of his new teammates?

Turan: Rakitic. Because I often chat with him after the game.