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News description

Brazil 2-1 Venezuela: Alves ready audience

 Brazil 2-1 Venezuela: Alves ready audience

 Tiago - Silva and Phil Camino's goal to help Brazil qualify for the quarter-finals, they will play against Paraguay in the knockout.

Alves played the full 90 minutes.

Brazil 2-1 Venezuela: Alves ready audience

Brazil beat Venezuela in the case of successful Neymar absence, get the group C first name. Dunga's team has never lost to Venezuela in the race, Silva at the start of the game soon opened the scoring for the team. Phil Mino expand the score in the second half for the Brazilian. But Venezuela Micoud recover by the end of the game a minute, and good to hold Brazil to win the final result.

Brazil evolutions

Brazil coach Dunga made two personnel changes, Robinho replace suspended Neymar Liverpool Kudiniao replace Fred. Venezuela has reached the semifinals in 2011, a game which they array of Amorebieta can not debut because of suspension. Brazil knew victory would guarantee them promotion, while avoiding Argentina in the playoffs. At the start, Tiago will break the collusion Robinho corner. Venezuela conceded early, they are also trying to calm down, just one point will be able to qualify. Subsequently, Robinho received a pass Alves volley.

Venezuela pulled one back

Soon the second half, Brazil will expand the score. The first 53 minutes, Williams left to force a breakthrough cross, in front of Phil Mino Qiangdian break. A Langge then Venezuela midfielder's free kick nearly broke. The first 80 minutes, coming off the bench in the penalty area barbed shot Lewis goalkeeper confiscated. The first 85 minutes pulled one back in Venezuela, Juan Arango free kick was saved and bounced to the column Jefferson, leaned close substitute Micoud headed hoisting break. The last moment, Venezuela is also expected to tie the game, but striker headed higher. Brazil eventually successfully qualify, they will against Paraguay.

America's Cup semi-final against:

Chile - Uruguay

Bolivia - Peru

Argentina - Colombia

Brazil - Paraguay